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Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuff
    Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuff
    Type:Basis of Surgical Instruments
    Instrument classification:Class II
    Material:High Performance Composite
    Package:100piece/one carton
    Application:First Aid/Surgical


Product Details

TPU hemostasia cuff

Made by high performance compound material.

Prevent from leaking,expoding and aging.

No latex.Ultra-thin,smart and light

High-strength (integrated low-pressure) TPU hemostasis cuff


Number Model Material MOQ(pcs) Length Width
TPU-001 Cuff for children(Small) TPU 100 40cm 5cm
TPU-002 Cuff for upper arm(Moderate) TPU 65 50cm 7cm
TPU-003 Cuff for thigh(Large) TPU 50 80cm 8cm
TPU-004 Cuff for thigh(Large) TPU 30 100cm 12cm

Abou US

Shenzhen TMI Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd was started in 2011 that specialized in making medical tourniquets(Buckle Tourniquet,Military Tourniquet,Disposable Tourniquet), have very long and rich experience in production of medical tourniquets, our products have been export to USA,Europe, Australia, we ensure provide high quality at reasonable price to every client.


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